A global R&D network

To remain a leading global solar company, we constantly explore new methods and technologies.

To remain a leading global solar company, we constantly explore new methods and technologies. more than 400 scientists in Germany, China, Korea and Malaysia, we continue to innovate at the fore-front of the global solar industry. Our outstanding R&D lets us improve both our products and the methods we use to manufacture them — allowing us to stay two steps ahead of the rest of the industry.

In fact, many of our production lines feature innovations developed by our own dedicated technologists, scientists and engineers, working hand-in-hand with equipment manufacturers. At our four state-of-the-art R&D centres — located in Germany, Korea, China and Malaysia — we continue to set the standard in technology, economies of scale and quality control.

At its headquarters for Technology & Innovation in Thalheim, Germany, Hanwha Q CELLS has a unique setup of R&D, pilot production and testing enabling the company to develop both – high-tech products and innovative manufacturing methods. Thanks to this set-up, technological innovations are rapidly translated into mass production.

Thus Hanwha Q CELLS continues to set industrial standards – like the six-inch solar cell, the full square monocrystalline solar cell or the Q.ANTUM cell technology, not to speak of the Q CELLS Yield Security featuring Hot-Spot Protect, Anti-PID-Technology and Traceable Quality.

Hanwha Q CELLS is a solar module manufacturer who successfully participates in the Quality Tested Program of the German independent certification institute VDE, where repeated tests are mandatory. In addition to one of the largest technology centers in the industry, the company operates its own VDE-certified testing laboratory and tests its products under extreme conditions such as hail showers and desert heat. Current R&D projects include research into increasing efficiency and lowering costs.

We are studying solar cells using cost-efficient silicon, ultra high-performance cells, Hot-Spot Protect, Anti PID (Potential Induced Degradation) and Anti LID (Light induced degradation) technologies, along with many other innovative ideas. New breakthroughs are introduced to production as soon as possible, resulting in innovative new products from Hanwha Q CELLS and its partners around the globe. Our latest innovation Anti-LID-Technology for example has just been introduced to our manufacturing process and is now part of our Quadruple Yield Security. 


Hanwha Q CELLS introduces 6-busbar cell layout.
Production record for Q.ANTUM solar cells of 5 GW.


Production record for Q.ANTUM solar cells of 2.5 GW (330,000,000 solar cells)


Hanwha Q CELLS instroduces the 4-busbar cell layout.


Q.ANTUM technology sets new world efficiency record (19.5 %) for polycrystalline solar cells.


Introduction of Q CELLS Anti PID Technology (APT) and Tra.QTM identification technology for solar cells.


Q CELLS introduces the first full-square monocrystalline solar cell.


Greater reliability achieved through hotspot-free cells ensured by Q CELLS Hot-Spot Protect (HSP) quality control.


Q CELLS introduces the 3-busbar cell layout.


Q CELLS introduces industry-standard 6-inch cell size.