Our Technology

We continue to strive for the next innovation.

At its headquarters for Technology & Innovation in Thalheim, Germany, Hanwha Q CELLS has a unique setup of R&D, pilot production and testing enabling the company to develop both – high-tech products and innovative manufacturing methods.

Thanks to this set-up, technological innovations are rapidly translated into mass production. Thus Hanwha Q CELLS continues to set industrial standards – like the six-inch solar cell, the full square monocrystalline solar cell or the Q.ANTUM cell technology, not to speak of the Q CELLS Yield Security featuring Hot-Spot Protect, Anti-PID- and Anti-LID-Technology and Traceable Quality. Among these features, Anti-LID-Technology is our latest innovation. Light induced degradation (LID) is caused by unstable Boron-Oxygen complexes which can be found in all p-type solar cells. Exposing such solar cells to sun light quickly leads to significant power degradation of up to 6%. Hanwha Q CELLS modified its Q.ANTUM technology in a way which ensures stabilization of B-O complexes resulting in minimized light-induced degradation. Thanks to this deactivation our Q.ANTUM solar modules achieve higher efficiencies than those being produced without Q.ANTUM technology.

Hanwha Q CELLS is a solar module manufacturer who successfully participates in the Quality Tested Program of the German independent certification institute VDE, where repeated tests are mandatory.

In addition to one of the largest technology centers in the industry, the company operates its own VDE-certified testing laboratory and tests its products under extreme conditions such as hail showers and desert heat.

Hanwha Q CELLS´ reinforced steel frame module innovation Q.PEAK RSF L-G4.2 wins Intersoar Award 2017 and pv magazine Award 2017 
The Q.PEAK RSF L-G4.2 convinced Intersolar Award jury with its reinforced steel-frame concept and innovative product features. 

Q.ANTUM technology and the reinforced steel frame design combine numerous advantages for higher yields and system performance as well as lower installation cost and lower LCOE. The jury picked Hanwha Q CELLS´ Q.PEAK RSF L-G4.2 solar module as the most innovative out of ten shortlisted entries and out of 51 applications in total.

PV magazine´s jury also honored Q.PEAK RSF L-G4.2 for its design concept and its additional innovations such as a decentralized junction box and an easy to install new mounting system.