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Value Chain

A competitive advantage: Our integrated solar industry value chain

From polysilicon to power plants Hanwha offers a seamless end-to-end experience, where at each point of the complex process, customers can rely on the specialization of each of Hanwha's affiliates to deliver their part.
Thanks to our long history and wide-ranging experience in international commerce and successful vertical integration, many world-class organizations look to Hanwha's expertise in the solar industry.

Hanwha Chemical

As a leading Korean chemical manufacturer, Hanwha Chemical is pioneering next generation solutions in solar energy through significant investments in the production of polysilicon and EVA resin, a raw material used in the creation of EVA sheets.

Hanwha Advanced Materials

With plants in the USA, Canada, China and the Czech Republic—and an ever-expanding production capability — Hanwha Advanced Materials produces high-tech materials such as EVA sheets for photovoltaic module encapsulation.

Hanwha Corporation/Machinery

Using advanced technologies, Hanwha Corporation/Machinery develops automated industrial equipment used to manufacture everything from solar modules to automobiles.

Hanwha Q CELLS

Hanwha Q CELLS is one of the world’s leading photovoltaic companies and offers a wide range of photovoltaic solutions. As a global leader, Hanwha Q CELLS is committed to maintaining our excellent quality, combined with industry-leading technological innovations.